May 4, 2022 • 10M

Lush and Grounded

a meditation offering for May

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James Francis
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Before I do anything else, I want to share something I’ve been excitedly working on for the past couple months. I’ve partnered with The New Moon - a wellness platform based in Hong Kong - to offer a meditation series called Everyday Transcendence. These meditations will available on Spotify, I’ll keep you posted when the first one goes live!

I had a lot of fun in this conversation, Shifting Perceptions With Meditation, which is now available on their site! It’s baby’s first profile, so thank you very much for indulging me in this moment of celebration.

Okay, now back to what we have going on today: I’ve previously kept meditation dispatches for paying subscribers, but I’ve dropped the paywall to open all newsletters (past, present, future) to everyone.

I love the idea of opening each month with a meditation. It gives us all a chance to re-center, before embarking on what is sure to be a journey. I can’t help but see every month as it’s own puzzle piece. Sometimes an entire month contains a puzzle of its own.

Whatever puzzle May has in store, let us enter with the perspective of the eternal. That way, no ebb or flow can permanently shake us.

It’s all part of the expanse.


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