Jun 1 • 11M

Anointing The Void

a meditation for the in-between

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Helloooo June!

Positively unreal that we’ve reached the 6th month of 2022 but sources confirm that we are, in fact, right here.

Lately I’ve felt a distinct need to take a breath and assess the next step before leaping. If you’re anything like me, a new project will spring up from your imagination and you’ll tumble into it before even looking around to see if it’s the best use of your time. It’s infatuation with an unrealized spark of inspiration.

As I’ve gotten a bit older, I’ve made an effort to be discerning but it’s been a while since I’ve faced a space of in between. With certain things up and running, I want to embrace something new. Exciting projects literally wake me up in the morning. They sustain me like no other. It’s difficult to wait.

I was trying to describe this to a friend and finally articulated what I’m doing right now: sitting in the discomfort, allowing time for the expansive next step to present itself. I am sitting with the belief that I will know it when I see it.

This meditation creates shape around that concept, for anyone who may feel a bit murky on their big picture. Together we set intentions to carry the uncertainty.

Here’s to only accepting offers of transcendence.


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