Moments for Now

dispatch #24

For the week of 8.23 - 8.29.21

Hello and welcome to the last Sunday of August— I’m pretty sure I’m ready for this part of the year, although it feels a little wild that we’re here. Truly I love September. It always seems to offer a burst of energy, a nice surprise and a chance to shift gears if needed.

In fact, this September is going to be extra special because on the 3rd (9.3.21)
I’m releasing A Guide To Self Guided Meditations in physical form.

If you’ve been on the Now Is Good ride for a while, I’ve mentioned a project in the works (The Art of Secrecy) and this is it! The booklet will be released along with a set of ambient tracks on Apple and Spotify to listen to while guiding yourself though the meditations.

This is an offering for the imagination and the expanse that exists in all of us.
My aim in life is to make the eternal accessible and I hope that this booklet sheds a little bit of light on the path.

Somehow this has been in the works since late February and I’m so ready to send it out into the world.

Okay enough about me, this dispatch is built of reader submissions!

Here are your moments:

If you have a moment for now, document with either a photo or short description as a ritual of presence. Then send it to me: — all submissions will be shared anonymously.

That’s all for today— see you on Wednesday!


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